Earning from home

As a newly mum or a mum-to-be, or even as a dad-to-be you might have had the question of how to go on from now?

Nowadays money is almost everyone’s problem in the first and second countries.

There’s always a way to get around thing, whether you’re working or on benefits. The way I survive is mostly canned food and doing tasks on 20cogs.

I don’t need to tell you about the multiple ways of making money from home I will just let one of my favourite sites, the humble penny, tell you that. Here’s the link to his website: https://thehumblepenny.com/85-ways-make-extra-money

What I would like to talk about is 20cogs. 20cogs is a website where you can fulfil simple tasks to earn money, and amount isn’t as small as £0.20 like other survey websites I have tried. The minium I have earned on a task so far was about £1.50. Bear in mind you can get different results depending on which offer you take as a task! I also would like to recommend that you read everything on the offers to avoid unpleasant experience. By the way I almost clicked on an offer where the website charges £5 a week so please do be careful and read everything! – Now you have been warned!

Like a coin this website has two sides as well as other things in life. So let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • You will earn more than on most of the survey websites out there.
  • The rewards can go up to £20
  • You get £10 when you first sign up.
  • You don’t need an education
  • You do not need to be 18 to use 20cogs
  • You can invite friends which then you can earn 5% everytime they earn with your link they use to get to the website


  • You need to complete all the 20 cogs to get paid
  • Some of the cogs need 30 days until they go from pending to completed
  • Some of the cogs only can be completed if you’re over 18 (such as lotto land)
  • You might need to spend a small amount to gain bigger amount

You can also earn some extra money if you have a little side hussle.

My side hussle is making jewellery but it is an active income which means I have to be active to earn money. I personally use 20cogs to pay for some of the equipment I need and it does make up for the days I missed making jewellery.

Just like many other things in the world this website is also not for everyone. I do recommend giving it a shot though because you do not have much to lose there. However you do need to do some extra reading to avoid confusion.

Disclaimer: #notsponsored

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