Mummies and Gaming

Showing the graphics of Life is Strange.*

As much as you might hate your partner for playing his xbox or PlayStation, you gotta admit it sure looks fun.

Have you ever played with the thought of playing games just for fun? May be to distract yourself because your worries getting really into your head? Why not just give it a chance?

Sure it might pop some questions in your mind such as : What happens to my child when I am playing? And the chores? Etc…

You can always play whilst your child is asleep or ask someone to look after your baby until you play a certain amount of time, or play after you have done your chores. Sure it is easier said than done but I managed to play and unlock some achievements and unwind whilst my son also watching me in the process. So instead of whining, you might just try to enjoy yourself in the process.

You might have heard of the games I am about to mention but first you might need a few essentials such as an Xbox or a PlayStation. You also need to know what type of games you might be into. Is it a multiplayer or single player? Is it an open world game or linear?? Before you get confused about it I will list a few open world games and a few linear games too. Open world games:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an open world game with a lot of interesting side quests, it is a good game if you like slaying monsters, humping bitches and do some detective work. It also has the butterfly effect which means your decisions have an impact on the story and the communities within the game. If you’d really like to get your money’s worth I would recommend buying the game of the year edition. It is truly an amazing game with good graphics.
  • Assassins Creed Origins: it is also an open world game, I personally haven’t played with this one yet but I had to choose from all of the Assassins Creed games I would choose to play this, because it does have amazing graphics and visuals. It might have to much to explore but then I still haven’t explored everything in the witcher 3 so who really am I to judge?
  • Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion is a kids’ game and it might just the kick you need if you just started playing games. I own this game and my only problem with this is the colours. Man if you hate vivid colours ; which to be honest are not a problem usually for me; then this game might not be the game for you but this game is fairly easy, colourful and cute, also easy to control.. Most of the times.

Linear games:

  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy is also a kids game with a semi-open and I used to play it as a child before they made this excellent remake. It looks appealing and has everything you need to get started with games too and also easy to control. I get really giddy just talking about it.
  • Rayman: this is also a linear game and I also used to play it as a child (on my PlayStation) but it wasn’t as close to my heart as Spyro was however I did enjoy it. I do recommend it though because you have nothing to loose with this game.
  • Life is Strange: if you want something you can relate to or don’t know how to get started I recommend buying Life is Strange because it is a role playing game and it helps getting rid of anxiety of playing games, which I do get anxiety and panic attacks <- quick insight into my blog name – whilst playing especially when you need to be stealthy and this game just eased it for me I do not have that much of a problem anymore. The graphics are good but some times it lacks when it comes to certain aspects of the game, such as trees and secondary characters but all in all a good story and game. Your choices also have an impact on the storyline.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a professional gamer nor I want to be one but I DO enjoy playing games and it is also a hobby for me when I don’t do my chores.
*The picture above is a screenshot from the game I bought.

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