Worst dry shampoo I have ever tried so far…

I usually do not like to bash products nor brands and I like to find positive things about products but this monstrosity made my hair have the worst day of its life…

Before I jump right into the cons of this product I would like to state that even though my hair felt fuzzier than a raccoon’s butt hole, and possibly looked like one, it does do the job. I had an “OK” looking hair for several days. But only on the top of me head.

My ends got so dry it started breaking… When you spray your hair on top you would expect some of the spray to get on your ends.. But this just dried the living spirit out of it…

I’ll admit it does give some volume but the volume doesn’t make up for the bird nest like creature on my head…

You might wonder what exactly is this product?

Well let me show you the budget friendly curse for the hair.

The Asda dry shampoo! If I will be complete honest with you I have to tell you that this product could be improved. As much as I hate the fact of this drying the sh*t out of my hair. In fact my hair didn’t even want me to use this product so much it didn’t get greasy for a week… But this product in fact can be better because it doesn’t have a bad smell however it is really harsh on the hair especially if you have combo or dry ends.

Until that happens I would recommend some other products instead.

Morrisons dry shampoo is a good alternative for this and it has the same price tag as the product above. Which is £1.50!

Superdrug dry shampoo is the most inexpensive alternative it ranges from £1-1.50 and they have amazing range too.

Batiste is on the more expensive side but I love how light weight the powder is on the hair however it runs out quickly. If you don’t wanna buy anything else but Batiste then I would recommend to buy it from Superdrug because it is cheaper there. The price may differ depending on how much mls you buy.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist nor a professional; my opinions based on my experience.

Makeup brands you might have not heard of

As woman, sometimes I do find myself intrigued by some of the products out there, whether it is from a smaller indie brand or a well known company/brand.

Beauty Bar Baby is an indie brand you can find on etsy or visit their official website.This brand is cruelty-free with vegan options. FYI their highlighters are amazing! They also have a range of other products from liquid lipsticks to eyeshadows! Best of all, it is handmade too! However they are based in the U.S. so you might need to pay shipping and customs if you live in the UK! The prices are pretty affordable nonetheless.

To be honest I wish I was sponsored by them.

STYL Cosmetics: is also a cruelty-free brand I found, and their products are also to die for. My personal favourite is the Fluid Fx which is a mixing medium. It also makes any of your loose pigments waterproof. They are a lesser known company but looking at their products I think they do deserve some love.

I’m giving you guys a 10% off* discount code if you’re really interested in trying out some of their products. The code is PanicFanny and just click on this link here: stylcosmetics.com/PanicFanny

*please note that this discount code is available for orders of, $20 and up.

Sugarpill: OK you probably heard of them before or at least saw them on Instagram but this brand also should get a lot of exposure because their eyeshadows and lipsticks are just so unbelievably good, my whole body could scream.

You are new to this brand or haven’t heard of it before but interested in trying it out then here is a quick intro on the brand. Sugarpill is a vegan and cruelty-free brand that creates amazing makeup products and their packaging is also stylish.

I personally own many of their liquid lipsticks and a few of their bullet lipsticks, which I used to hate wearing (bullet lipsticks, I mean) in general but Sugarpill’s lipstick formula made me fall back in love with traditional lipsticks. On top of that they smell yummy. However if you don’t like sweet scented lipsticks, these lipsticks have honeysuckle in them (look at the ingredients on the website) which makes the lipstick smell really sweet and yummy.

As a person who always has been the casually dressed type I still find it odd to be interested in makeup. I bet there are a lot of people out there who feel the same.

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty guru nor a makeup artist I base my thoughts on personal experience about the products and brands mentioned. Please also do a patch test!

Mummies and Gaming Part 2

Life is Strange; Max Caulfield in the boys’ locker ☝🏻*

Since we started talking about gaming, chilling whilst being a mum, I would like to continue talking about the topic further.I mentioned in part one, that there are linear and open world games but the most of the games, I mentioned, were single player games. Now I would like to tell you that there are multiplayer games, if you haven’t heard of them already.Multiplayer games allows you to connect to public servers and play with your friends online or make new friends online. I sure did thanks for my funny gamer tag, that was created by my significant other, however I’m always in for good fanny jokes, *wink wink*.The multiplayer game of your choice is, yet again, up to you and what you are looking for. You have to ask the questions for yourself about what you are looking for. Is it a shooter game? Card game? Maybe you want to be a pirate? And the list of questions goes on.Now I would like to recommend few of the games I like as a multiplayer but there might be some I haven’t played before but my friends have or talk about certain cons of a game mentioned below.

  • Sea of Thieves: is a multiplayer player games with an open world, however you can play alone but I don’t recommend doing so if you are not familiar with this particular game. SoT has beautiful graphics and unique character designs however as a lone pirate you will get gobsmacked by the other groups on the server.
  • Uno: this uno is a virtual version of the popular card game, at least it was popular when I was a kid, where you can play against the a bot or go online and join a match, you can also play it with friends if you create the match. As much as I love playing uno, it is still uno. Just uno there’s nothing much to say about it.
  • Apex Legends: is a multiplayer shooter game and it is quite popular. The graphics are fine and it looks alright. I am not fond of this game that much because I haven’t played it yet, my significant other plays it however and judging it by what I have seen I would say it does look fun.
  • Anthem: is a so called AAA game published by BioWare, it has amazing graphics but the quality of the live service has gone downhill and it isn’t as much of a rewarding game as others would like it to be. If you want to about this more and its surroundings I would recommend you to watch Jim Sterling’s take on it. I’ll the latest video on the matter: https://youtu.be/GN1uV57hE_w

There are other multiplayer games that I haven’t have time or just general knowledge to mention because I either have not heard of it or it just doesn’t interest me however each to its own.I love diversity so I really would like to know what is your favourite multiplayer game? Leave a comment below.Note*: The picture above is a screenshot taken by me when I was playing Life is Strange.

Mummies and Gaming

Showing the graphics of Life is Strange.*

As much as you might hate your partner for playing his xbox or PlayStation, you gotta admit it sure looks fun.

Have you ever played with the thought of playing games just for fun? May be to distract yourself because your worries getting really into your head? Why not just give it a chance?

Sure it might pop some questions in your mind such as : What happens to my child when I am playing? And the chores? Etc…

You can always play whilst your child is asleep or ask someone to look after your baby until you play a certain amount of time, or play after you have done your chores. Sure it is easier said than done but I managed to play and unlock some achievements and unwind whilst my son also watching me in the process. So instead of whining, you might just try to enjoy yourself in the process.

You might have heard of the games I am about to mention but first you might need a few essentials such as an Xbox or a PlayStation. You also need to know what type of games you might be into. Is it a multiplayer or single player? Is it an open world game or linear?? Before you get confused about it I will list a few open world games and a few linear games too. Open world games:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an open world game with a lot of interesting side quests, it is a good game if you like slaying monsters, humping bitches and do some detective work. It also has the butterfly effect which means your decisions have an impact on the story and the communities within the game. If you’d really like to get your money’s worth I would recommend buying the game of the year edition. It is truly an amazing game with good graphics.
  • Assassins Creed Origins: it is also an open world game, I personally haven’t played with this one yet but I had to choose from all of the Assassins Creed games I would choose to play this, because it does have amazing graphics and visuals. It might have to much to explore but then I still haven’t explored everything in the witcher 3 so who really am I to judge?
  • Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion is a kids’ game and it might just the kick you need if you just started playing games. I own this game and my only problem with this is the colours. Man if you hate vivid colours ; which to be honest are not a problem usually for me; then this game might not be the game for you but this game is fairly easy, colourful and cute, also easy to control.. Most of the times.

Linear games:

  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy is also a kids game with a semi-open and I used to play it as a child before they made this excellent remake. It looks appealing and has everything you need to get started with games too and also easy to control. I get really giddy just talking about it.
  • Rayman: this is also a linear game and I also used to play it as a child (on my PlayStation) but it wasn’t as close to my heart as Spyro was however I did enjoy it. I do recommend it though because you have nothing to loose with this game.
  • Life is Strange: if you want something you can relate to or don’t know how to get started I recommend buying Life is Strange because it is a role playing game and it helps getting rid of anxiety of playing games, which I do get anxiety and panic attacks <- quick insight into my blog name – whilst playing especially when you need to be stealthy and this game just eased it for me I do not have that much of a problem anymore. The graphics are good but some times it lacks when it comes to certain aspects of the game, such as trees and secondary characters but all in all a good story and game. Your choices also have an impact on the storyline.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a professional gamer nor I want to be one but I DO enjoy playing games and it is also a hobby for me when I don’t do my chores.
*The picture above is a screenshot from the game I bought.

Earning from home

As a newly mum or a mum-to-be, or even as a dad-to-be you might have had the question of how to go on from now?

Nowadays money is almost everyone’s problem in the first and second countries.

There’s always a way to get around thing, whether you’re working or on benefits. The way I survive is mostly canned food and doing tasks on 20cogs.

I don’t need to tell you about the multiple ways of making money from home I will just let one of my favourite sites, the humble penny, tell you that. Here’s the link to his website: https://thehumblepenny.com/85-ways-make-extra-money

What I would like to talk about is 20cogs. 20cogs is a website where you can fulfil simple tasks to earn money, and amount isn’t as small as £0.20 like other survey websites I have tried. The minium I have earned on a task so far was about £1.50. Bear in mind you can get different results depending on which offer you take as a task! I also would like to recommend that you read everything on the offers to avoid unpleasant experience. By the way I almost clicked on an offer where the website charges £5 a week so please do be careful and read everything! – Now you have been warned!

Like a coin this website has two sides as well as other things in life. So let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • You will earn more than on most of the survey websites out there.
  • The rewards can go up to £20
  • You get £10 when you first sign up.
  • You don’t need an education
  • You do not need to be 18 to use 20cogs
  • You can invite friends which then you can earn 5% everytime they earn with your link they use to get to the website


  • You need to complete all the 20 cogs to get paid
  • Some of the cogs need 30 days until they go from pending to completed
  • Some of the cogs only can be completed if you’re over 18 (such as lotto land)
  • You might need to spend a small amount to gain bigger amount

You can also earn some extra money if you have a little side hussle.

My side hussle is making jewellery but it is an active income which means I have to be active to earn money. I personally use 20cogs to pay for some of the equipment I need and it does make up for the days I missed making jewellery.

Just like many other things in the world this website is also not for everyone. I do recommend giving it a shot though because you do not have much to lose there. However you do need to do some extra reading to avoid confusion.

Disclaimer: #notsponsored

Shadows of the Past

This is going to be a series of life experiences that affected the way I am today. These stories are here to show how much certain events can effect person’s life especially if the person is a child.

I am not a perfect mum nor preaching to be perfect in ever aspect of your lives but there are certain things I wanna talk about.

First off a story. When I was in preschool I had a pretty terrible experience because I couldn’t tie my shoe laces when I was about five… There was a certain preschool teacher who made my life hell because of it.

Before anyone start saying “man up” or “it is the past”. Trust me I know. Everyone has their childhood traumas and it is something either needs to be solved or talked about. Mine cannot be solved but it can be talked about.

This particular experience really scared me because I was humiliated in front of everyone there and got smacked on my hand for not being able to tie someone’s apron. I cried like a baby and I truly felt worthless. By the way I was never the favourite of any of the preschool teachers because my family didn’t have much cash to spare for some “tip” for the teachers there.

Looking back as an adult it might not be a big of a deal but if you have certain experiences carved into your memory like I do then you do understand that it is something you will carry the rest of your life. As a child it did have an impact on how my confidence developed – aka very poorly.

Then I realised real confidence comes from experience not compliments.

I learned to “properly” tie my shoes and aprons when I was about 8-10 years old. Before that everytime I tied something I got told it was not how it is done. I did them my own “special” way. Instead of doing a traditional granny knot what I did was folding the two ends of my shoe laces and made them in to a “bunny ear” looped them the way you would with a granny knot and then pulled it tight.

I might just record it for you if you don’t get what I mean.

Anyway, everytime I did it that way I had to start again and again until they decided I wasn’t worth doing it so might as well just stop asking me.

So everytime I started a new thing as a teen I just backed off doing it because it felt like I wouldn’t be able to do it. Thanks to this I missed a lot of opportunities too.

As a parent I try not lose my patience when it comes to my son because it will affect him later on.

The purpose of this article is to make you realise that there are things you cannot particularly change but you don’t need to pass it on your child or on the people around you.

Got interesting story to tell? Want it to be published or just want someone to listen? You can send me an email via the contact box on the blog..

Disclaimer: I will not publish your story without your consent and I respect your privacy. I am not a professional in psychology so I cannot help you professionally I only can read your email to help you get somewhat rid of your emotional pain.