Skincare gems part 2

Hello fam! I thought do a second part on this topic because I might have found some dupes if you do not wanna spend much on a moisturiser or you’re just simply in a tight budget and of course some higher priced products.

Let’s continue then!

Superdrug Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 moisturizer and serum

This little fella might just be a dupe for Tarte’s drink of H2O moisturizer. It is also super light weight and has a touch of kiwi scent to it. I used this multiple times and it never failed me nor my face! Obviously if you have a very sensitive skin like my boyfriend I wouldn’t recommend you to put it close to your eye area. – long story, you don’t wanna know. 😅

I also have sensitive skin but I didn’t have any reaction he experienced. However it was his first time ever trying something like this out.

FYI: he is even allergic to his favourite hair gel but still keeps using it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Aloe Vera gel

You don’t have to buy the plant itself if you don’t want to however they do grow fast. I have both the plant and some in the tube. I use aloe vera for my skin, stretch marks, my scalp and my hair. It gives my curls back that I straightened out over the years. It is not a magical wonder product but if you keep using it, it might give you your curls back.

E.l.f eye refresh roller

This is a life saver for me because if my sleep pattern is disturbed even if it is just a tiny bit it shows on my face and under eye area… So thank you e.l.f for saving my under eye area.

Before the first use, I rolled it on my neck to see if it would cause any irritations, which it didn’t howere you need to make sure to do a patch test first just incase.

Superdrug Vitamin C booster drops

I know it might sound like I have a sponsorship with superdrug but in reality I actually don’t! If I did I would have said so!

About the product. For a booster it is really light weight and my skin sucked it up quickly even when I used other moisturizer before, usually my skin does not let everything in itself so for me this was a good sign. It has a nice scent however it is minimal so you will not be irritated by it!

I have been using this product for a couple of days now, my skin is moisturised but it is easier to keep a skin of a 22-year-old hydrated than restore the hydration of someone’s skin who is in their 50s.

Which gave me an excellent idea and opportunity to try this product on my mother’s face and we will see the results in 2 weeks. If we will see some.

FYI: I personally use this for my uneven skin tone.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist nor am I a dermatologist. I am not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this post.

Skincare essentials for combination skin.

If you have combination skin then you might just feel me and my situation.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist nor a dermatologist. Test the products on your neck before using them on your face.

I have combination skin, but it is so combination, my dry patches have oily patches, and my oily patches have dry patches. Also large pores and breakouts – if something dirty touches my face, and the sweat also a trigger for me to have breakouts too.

Found some products that might just be good for you as well as it was for me and these products also can be used for any other skin types! Good, isn’t it?

For my routine I use a three step rule I found on the Internet. You can also add additional steps if you want to.

The thee steps are, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. Sounds easy, right?


Cleansing is important because you need to wash off the day’s muck off your face especially if you live in a big city. Why? Because the pollution from the exhaust of the vehicles are cause of clogged pores and uneven skin tone.

I personally use Boots own Cucumber facial toner because

  • It’s for all skin types
  • Affordable
  • It is gentle
  • Effective
  • Has a cooling effect

I love this toner and it is very good for the price as well and I’d rather splurge on moisturizer and sheet masks than toners and exfoliants.


In oder to have less breakouts you need to get rid of dead skin on your face and dead skin can clog up your pores too.

To exfoliate my skin I usually use a regular lip scrub or a homemade sugar scrub because they can do the trick and an exfoliant do not have to be expensive to be effective! But this is my take on it.

Additional step: if I want to be extra I tend to use some peel off mask or a clay mask before using a moisturiser.


This is my favourite step because this is when I can use the products I like to splurge on!

My skin gets irritated quickly after a strong cleanse and dry my skin out but this little bad boy saves it all the time.

H2O skin drink by tarte is so far the best moisturiser I have ever tried. It is light weight, minimal scent, and leaves my skin radiant. However if you don’t like to spend too much money on a moisturiser I would recommend you to either try a travel size pack by Tarte or use a moisturiser by Superdrug because it shouldn’t cost an arm and leg to have a healthy skin.

Additional step: just before using a moisturiser I use an anti-spot gel by e.l.f which can be drying on the skin I would definitely recommend to do this before you use any moisturiser or sheet mask.

A treat for the eyes

After I finished my using my moisturiser I refresh my eyes with the e.l.f Eye refresh roller so I could wake up fresh and bright in the morning. I also take it with me wherever I go.

FYI: this is just my way of dealing with combination skin.

Natural deodorants

Hello fam! Everyone loves to smell fresh and good but some spray products might contain a few ingredients that might not be so good for your underarms.

I collected some brand products that offer natural deodorant/s.

Please note that these deodorants don’t stop you from sweating. You shouldn’t stop yourself from sweating. 👇🏻👇🏻

Tarte Clean Queen Vegan deodorant

This is such a huge deodorant it took me nearly a year to use this up and I was also using other products too to try. It is a clay deodorant with lavender scent and it smells amazing also lasts long when you put it on.

Only problem is you might need to take a travel sized version of it with you because it isn’t antiperspirant so you will need to reapply it a bit often. For the scent I get from it I think it is worth it.

Clean Queen deodorant also conditions your underarms, at least that what I noticed, I could use it after a bad shaving rash without my skin getting irritated by it and the rash was gone after hours. – don’t use it as a rash cream though! It is not designed to be that!

Avalon Organics

I love this deodorant, it’s a liquid type, however I still have mixed feelings about it… The reason is it doesn’t last long, the scent does however the liquid is not. Scent is very lemony and for hours I smelt like a lemonade and it makes me feel clean too.

Lush natural deodorant in T’eo

I love this so much. It might sound expensive (£6.50 for 90g) however this lasts the longest I have tried. I really love lemon and lemongrass so this is a go to me and also has tea tree oil in it which I guess makes it antibacterial.

The only down fall to this product though is you can’t use it if you just freshly shaved your armpit because it can irritate your armpit.

FYI: this product is well loved so I do not want to show something in a really bad shape.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional nor a dermatologist. I’m not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above.

Why being a cleaner sucks

I’m sure you probably have a few horror stories of your experience regarding this matter whether you only cleaned at home or in a hotel.

I worked as a cleaner before and to be honest I think people underestimate those who work as cleaners, and if the management sucks the people who are staying in a given location start arguing with the cleaners whereas they are just cleaners.

If you ever worked somewhere as a cleaner you might know what I’m talking about, because if the management sucks then the quality of the work is shit. Period.

There’s was one place where the management was a disaster… We were understaffed and one of the two managers almost never showed up…Meanwhile the cleaners, at least most of them, were trying to be the head of house keeping… And having an argument about which “team” cleans which room. Sometimes it was so unfair because the clique of cleaners who befriended each other did the easiest rooms together where single people cleaned whole rooms and did everything else in them, such as the beds, the bath, and the vacuuming… It was a standard procedure but you weren’t meant to do it alone, unless the room was a stay over… Which can be messy but much easier.

I don’t wanna bash the managers for the chaos because I know it is hard however cutting down the time to clean the rooms leaves us also in a bad position, especially if someone is doing it alone. – The owner might have been the one cutting down the time.

Carrying on…

None of the staff members had radios on them so everyone had to go on a wild goose chase while customers took a turd and didn’t even flush the goddamn toilet in number 10 then requested a quick clean… Then new customers tried to have a go at me about their room… Saying it wasn’t cleaned. I was newbie. Thank god I had enough patience to sort it out for them with the reception… Hope they actually did it…

Things need to be maculate but they had (the owners of the hotel and other holiday homes) cut down the amount of time we had in the rooms and it didn’t matter how dirty it was. So sometimes cleaners cut corners too. Nothing major though just using the used towels to clean up the surroundings which got cleaned after we finished.

There were stains on the sink, and the customer thought one of the cleaners left the toothpaste in the sink on purpose, however in reality the surface was just stained by the paste and there was no way of getting rid of it… Unfortunately… This is what happens when the owner of the hotel is a cheap bastard.(He bought used furniture for the hotel…)

The other place, where I used to clean, had lodges. Really nice place but the customers weren’t well behaved. My team and I had to walk into broken furniture and rotting food, sometimes we found drinks too.

Few of my former colleagues had it worse because the walked into a lodge where turd was smeared on the walls, in the showers, and the beds. By the way it was a family with a child in the lodge, I don’t think an elderly person would smear shit everywhere. If it was an accident then it would have been reported to the staff but unfortunately it wasn’t.

In this particular holiday park, few people of the maintenance had a beef with each other so it always ended badly for the cleaners. Always a bloody competition which ruins the workplace for everyone.

Sometimes even the customers are idiots too, period because I met really nice ones while working at the holiday park.

I remember putting the cleaning stuff in the parking space in front of the lodge because it was heavy as hell. Each section of lodges were spaciously “fenced” by a couple of large trees and the person behind this lodge only saw me entering the lodge. She was shouting at me thinking I was breaking in and entering.. To be honest I didn’t see any reason to argue back at her so I just held up my keys and a cloth. She ran back in without a word and I never saw her again.

Thank god I didn’t have any heated argument with any of the guests.. Yet..

Everything is easy to be said than done but if you think about it, cleaners rely on management and the manager and there should be more than one, in my opinion.

Disclaimer: I’m coming from what I experienced as a cleaner. If you have a different opinion, please share it with me!

Story time: my oopsie moment with smoking pot.

Sure, everyone smoked some weed in there life time, some of the people I know are stoners, but have you had an oopsie moment while smoking pot that you might be embarrassed about?

Probably there are lot’s of funny stories out there on the matter but mine was so to speak… Weird…

Before I go on talking about my experience I did a research and in fact you can have a bad “trip” on pot. I did but it doesn’t mean everyone is gonna have the same reaction to it.

Well let’s go on then, shall we?

It was a nice warm quiet night and I decided to ask my future brother in law to make my joint a tiny bit stronger than usual, and of course he did.

When I started smoking, and whenever I smoked pot, the usual thing started happening, I felt like I started sinking in my own mind. Obviously I continued because I wasn’t gonna wuss out like a little bitch but me and my pride got too greedy with the joint and kept smoking and chatting. My fbil (aka future brother in law) asked me if I needed a drink because I looked as pale as casper. So he went in and got me a glass of apple juice meanwhile I didn’t stop smoking and I felt like my head was spinning, kinda the type you get when you get tipsy but this was stronger, and I blinked, or at least I thought I was with my stupid ass brain, and I collapsed on the trash bags and then rolled off to the floor. – hindsight: maybe it wasn’t a good idea to stand next to the trash. Because of that my jeans were drenched in trash water… Fucking trash water… Because it rained the night before.

I woke up on the floor and got up just before my fbil opened the door on my head. He got a bit confused and asked me if I was OK. I went in sat down holding my head and felt like I was gonna throw up. Being inside for a while helped get over this stage. After I got out of those feelings I just went upstairs and munched on some crisps, and fell asleep on my bed.

I smoked joints before but not to the point where I collapsed. So this was very uncomfortable for me. To the point I feel embarrassed about this.

Before you judge me for saying my experience I would like to remind you that I do not disapprove of smoking pot and I do not disagree with the benefits of THC and CBD.

I found some useful information that helps explain my experience and why mine was like this and it might help you avoid the experience.

To be honest if some of my friends offered me the joint I still would take it regardless of my experience.

Disclaimer: I base my observations and posts on personal experience and back it up with research.