Mobile phone games you should try- with caution

Most people nowadays have at least one or two games on their phone.

Mobile phone games can be relaxing or annoying to the point you get frustrated. I collected some games which might not be new to you or you might have heard of them before. This list will be updated with a few more games so I apologise if it’s not long enough yet.

Before I continue, I would like to state that as much as games are fun, your priorities should come first.

I used to play a lot with this game and I am really fond of it too. Homescapes is about renovating and restoring an old mansion our main character, Austin, grew up in. This game is a single player but if you are online you can enter tournaments which can give you prizes, and you also get daily prizes, which are boosters. To restore the mansion you need to complete tasks, to compete a task you need stars. The way you get a star by playing a mini game, which is similar to Candy Crush, and you need to make matches of similar items.

You need to get trough different levels and the difficulty of the level always changes. You can easily get through the levels by using boosters. If you loose on the level you loose a life out of five lives.

It is a neat game if you turn away from the “pay to win” aspect of this game. Regardless of the daily rewards and the tourney prizes you won’t always be able to get through the stage without boosters, unless you try very hard. I needed to do a level 10 times before I beat the level…

Badland: is a cute adventure mobile phone game that is also available for Xbox and PlayStation 4 and other platforms as well. This is a single player and a multiplayer game in one.

I used to own this game too and I loved it and it is pretty straight forward game.

If you played Ori and The Blind Forest then I think you would love this game too because Badland has a foresty background to it.

There are different levels you need to complete, however some of the levels are locked and you can only unlock it if you buy certain levels. They’re not that expensive to buy though.

I used to play this game a lot but I am not up to date with the changes within the app.

My little Pony: OK you might have heard of this game. Yes you can laugh all you want but this game is still cute. If you didn’t know The My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is based on the animated My Little Pony series developed by Gameloft for iOS and Android devices.

This is a single player game with multiplayer interactions. The difference between this game and the previous one is you can only get prizes by leveling up. Obviously you still will get competitions and fulfilling tasks will also lend you rewards as well as the daily game called Balloon Pop which I think you can count as a daily reward but you won’t get it unless you pop the balloons.

This game is the most enjoyable for me is because 1, it’s cute 2, doesn’t take long to level up 3, it’s about ponies.

As much as I love these free to download games there are a few cons of these.

The other side of the industry

Micro-transactions are one of the few things I dislike about these… Well of course they need to make money somehow but then it is not a AAA game on the Xbox and I don’t like the thought of my hard earned money landing into an already rich coperation’s pocket.

I wouldn’t be fussed about it if the animators had better conditions to work in.

In the eyes of the corporation, these people are disposable. They are just bodies, they can be replaced by another body. These companies will do anything to keep their shareholders happy.

I’m not saying that you can’t buy some of the bundles you want in your game, because I have done that before, but as soon as I knew the things I just mentioned I felt a bit bitter about spending my money on any of these games.

Here are some useful links you can read too. 👇🏻

Dark side of working in the video game industry: 100-hour weeks and on-the-spot sackings

76% of game developers still labor under crunch conditions

Mental health and physical health of the developers are also important, not just satisfying the greedy shareholders.

How would YOU feel if you had to work in conditions like that?

Well… This post turned dark quite quickly. 🤷🏻‍♀️

**the pictures included in this post are screenshots from the game I downloaded to my device.

Mummies and Gaming Part 2

Life is Strange; Max Caulfield in the boys’ locker ☝🏻*

Since we started talking about gaming, chilling whilst being a mum, I would like to continue talking about the topic further.I mentioned in part one, that there are linear and open world games but the most of the games, I mentioned, were single player games. Now I would like to tell you that there are multiplayer games, if you haven’t heard of them already.Multiplayer games allows you to connect to public servers and play with your friends online or make new friends online. I sure did thanks for my funny gamer tag, that was created by my significant other, however I’m always in for good fanny jokes, *wink wink*.The multiplayer game of your choice is, yet again, up to you and what you are looking for. You have to ask the questions for yourself about what you are looking for. Is it a shooter game? Card game? Maybe you want to be a pirate? And the list of questions goes on.Now I would like to recommend few of the games I like as a multiplayer but there might be some I haven’t played before but my friends have or talk about certain cons of a game mentioned below.

  • Sea of Thieves: is a multiplayer player games with an open world, however you can play alone but I don’t recommend doing so if you are not familiar with this particular game. SoT has beautiful graphics and unique character designs however as a lone pirate you will get gobsmacked by the other groups on the server.
  • Uno: this uno is a virtual version of the popular card game, at least it was popular when I was a kid, where you can play against the a bot or go online and join a match, you can also play it with friends if you create the match. As much as I love playing uno, it is still uno. Just uno there’s nothing much to say about it.
  • Apex Legends: is a multiplayer shooter game and it is quite popular. The graphics are fine and it looks alright. I am not fond of this game that much because I haven’t played it yet, my significant other plays it however and judging it by what I have seen I would say it does look fun.
  • Anthem: is a so called AAA game published by BioWare, it has amazing graphics but the quality of the live service has gone downhill and it isn’t as much of a rewarding game as others would like it to be. If you want to about this more and its surroundings I would recommend you to watch Jim Sterling’s take on it. I’ll the latest video on the matter:

There are other multiplayer games that I haven’t have time or just general knowledge to mention because I either have not heard of it or it just doesn’t interest me however each to its own.I love diversity so I really would like to know what is your favourite multiplayer game? Leave a comment below.Note*: The picture above is a screenshot taken by me when I was playing Life is Strange.