Three favourite Web comics on Webtoon

Hello fam! I know this post might not be the usual type of post I put up. However my life has been such a mess I needed something to unwind with, and without putting any effort in to it.

So I discovered Webtoon, which is a free app in the app store so you can get your hands on it easily.

My discover wasn’t the app itself, even though I was pretty surprised finding it, it was what I have found in it.

I found three comics on Webtoon that may help you unwind or just the distract you from your current problem so you could think straight afterwards. It does help if you wanna see things more clearly.

Side note : your mental health matters so don’t forget to relax in between situations. It is hard but possible.

This post might contain spoilers however I try to be as spoiler-free as possible.

So let’s continue… Shall we?

Lore Olympus: is a Web comic played in the Greek mythology. However there’s a twist. They are in today’s fashion (aka 21st century clothing) whereas the humans (mortals) are in still in early centuries (propably before Christ).

The artist chose one of the best legend to put in the main focus – in my opinion – which is the relationship between Hades and Persephone. I have to tell you this futuristic twist on their clothes and objects are pretty cool and the art style is pretty dope too. I recommend you to read it or at least give it a chance.

It is a romantic type of comic, which I am not really into usually, however this novel influenced me to look around a bit further.

This led me to…

Devil Is A Handsome Man : is also a romantic novel however it is full of mysteries and unclear scenes that keeps you there because you wanna know what exactly happened.

However, at first, I thought it was one of many web comics… But I refused to stop reading so I kept reading.. And thank god I did because it became so exciting after chapter 5 or 4 so I just couldn’t stop I finished this comic within a day (just like the previous comic).

It is also in the romance category however I think it also should be classed as fantasy, mystery or detective category because there are a lot of dots to connect.

If you a person who likes strong female characters as a main character I recommend this for you. Our main character, Xo – short for Xolia – is trying to find out who she really is and who exactly was she.

After this I wanted something different, no too much but different enough to not finish it within a day…

… And I found…

Love Advice from The Great Duke of Hell

I know this is a mouthful but this one leans into more of fantasy and comedy category. It is still romantic but in a different way.

It is a notice me sempai situation but it’s a guy “chasing” after his crush. Our main character is into occult for this reason and one day he successfully summons the Great Duke of Hell, which I can tell, not many mortals are capable of.

Without going into much detail and spoiling it for you (the title is enough spoiler imo), there are going to be scenes where you may feel awkward, or find it funny or just shake your head. It’s not exactly a comedy piece but I’ll admit it can be funny at times.

I love Web comics because I know it is hard drawing digitally and looking at the different between a newer chapter and an older chapter, seeing how much their art style improved over making the chapters feels me with joy and it is fascinating to see.

These people have a particular style that also pulled me in on reading there work. For me, it takes more than just a great art style to pull me in on the story. You won’t regret reading these however these are not for everyone.

Note: I am not sponsored by any of these artist who created these comics. Nor is Webtoon.

This post does not contain pictures due to copyright law.

Television shows from the 20th century you need to watch.

Do you like good television programmes? Are you interested in good TV shows from the previous century?

I gathered a few of the older television shows I love so much and I still watch to this day to unwind. Hope it will entertain you too!

Warning: this post might contain spoilers

Murder She Wrote is an American television show starred by Angela Lansbury, who played our main character, Jessica Fletcher, famous mystery writer and ‘amateur’ detective. This TV series mostly plays in the fictional Cabot Cove where our hero discovers secrets and solves murder mysteries and gets in trouble where ever she goes.

Why do I think it’s good?

Our main character is a woman and it is not your typical old lady in your town. It plays in the 80s and 90s. It also helps me taking a break from the everyday gore you see in almost every TV series.

There’s nothing wrong with blood and gore… To a certain extent but this particular series as much as I find it exciting it still helps me relax because it just sucks you in.

However if you are not really into old TV series I will doubt any of these TV shows will be enjoyable for you.

You can find it on YouTube if you wanted to watch it.

Cons of Murder She Wrote

Sometimes if you pay enough attention to what they’re saying in the episode you will figure out who the killer is. By the way this only happened to me once.

Diagnosis: Murder is also an American TV series, starred by Dick van Dyke and Berry van Dyke, and it is considered as comedy, it does have some humour to it, however I think it is also more of a murder mystery / drama than just comedy.

Our dear Dick van Dyke plays one of the main characters Dr. Mark Sloan, the Chief of Internal Medicine at the Community General Hospital who is also an occasional consultant to the police department in the local area. He helps solving murders with his son Steve, played by Berry van Dyke.

Long story short: He solves murders and investigates the crime behind the back of the police if he is told no to solving it alone and it mostly ends up a success.

Why do I think it’s good?

The episodes are lonelger than the Murder She Wrote episodes, which gives me more time trying to solve the mystery on my own and we bet on the person who we think the killer is (preferably with a friend who watches it with me).

When you watch it you think you know who the killer is but in the end or most of the time you are going to be wrong. There’s always a twist.

Cons: 1, sometimes people might find it too long for their liking and get bored quickly and I understand that this is also not for everyone. 2, you might find it slow for your liking because it is more than an hour and there als some parts that also go a bit slower which I call breaks because it slows the events down and throws some key elements in which you would think had nothing to do with the storyline or the next one.

Midsomer Murders is a British television show based on the crime-novel series, called Chief Inspector Barnaby, written by Caroline Graham and adapted by Anthony Horowitz.

This show started in 1997 and still goes on to present days because of its success in viewership and marketed in other countries.

Our detective, DCI Tom Barnaby, played by John Nettles, and his solves murder, as it is his job, in Causton, Midsomer.

Fun fact: Midsomer is a fictional county (as well as the town, Causton) and the different locations of Midsomer was spread out in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Northern Hampshire.

This is tv show doesn’t have that much gore in it but the way characters are killed is pretty creative and impressive and it isn’t that censored as you might think. If you just exploring these older TV shows I would definitely recommend you’d start with this one.

Why do I think it’s good?

The reason I started watching Midsomer Murders because I wanted to try something new and I was tired of seeing the same episodes of Miss Marple. To be quite honest this show surprised me a lot and it might be a very unpopular opinion but I think Midsomer Murders is better than Sherlock. – oopsie!

The episodes are about an hour long but you don’t feel it at all. It sucks you in so much you get annoyed at the commercials.


I might be biased but I haven’t found any cons yet.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and you’d watch some of the show I listed above. 👆🏻👆🏻

Disclaimer: I tried to type it as short and as spoiler free as possible. There have been some information I needed to look up so the links to the sites where I found the information however I did not copy sentences from any of the articles.

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**the pictures included in this post are screenshots taken in the moment of me watching the TV shows.