Story time: my oopsie moment with smoking pot.

Sure, everyone smoked some weed in there life time, some of the people I know are stoners, but have you had an oopsie moment while smoking pot that you might be embarrassed about?

Probably there are lot’s of funny stories out there on the matter but mine was so to speak… Weird…

Before I go on talking about my experience I did a research and in fact you can have a bad “trip” on pot. I did but it doesn’t mean everyone is gonna have the same reaction to it.

Well let’s go on then, shall we?

It was a nice warm quiet night and I decided to ask my future brother in law to make my joint a tiny bit stronger than usual, and of course he did.

When I started smoking, and whenever I smoked pot, the usual thing started happening, I felt like I started sinking in my own mind. Obviously I continued because I wasn’t gonna wuss out like a little bitch but me and my pride got too greedy with the joint and kept smoking and chatting. My fbil (aka future brother in law) asked me if I needed a drink because I looked as pale as casper. So he went in and got me a glass of apple juice meanwhile I didn’t stop smoking and I felt like my head was spinning, kinda the type you get when you get tipsy but this was stronger, and I blinked, or at least I thought I was with my stupid ass brain, and I collapsed on the trash bags and then rolled off to the floor. – hindsight: maybe it wasn’t a good idea to stand next to the trash. Because of that my jeans were drenched in trash water… Fucking trash water… Because it rained the night before.

I woke up on the floor and got up just before my fbil opened the door on my head. He got a bit confused and asked me if I was OK. I went in sat down holding my head and felt like I was gonna throw up. Being inside for a while helped get over this stage. After I got out of those feelings I just went upstairs and munched on some crisps, and fell asleep on my bed.

I smoked joints before but not to the point where I collapsed. So this was very uncomfortable for me. To the point I feel embarrassed about this.

Before you judge me for saying my experience I would like to remind you that I do not disapprove of smoking pot and I do not disagree with the benefits of THC and CBD.

I found some useful information that helps explain my experience and why mine was like this and it might help you avoid the experience.

To be honest if some of my friends offered me the joint I still would take it regardless of my experience.

Disclaimer: I base my observations and posts on personal experience and back it up with research.