Why being a cleaner sucks

I’m sure you probably have a few horror stories of your experience regarding this matter whether you only cleaned at home or in a hotel.

I worked as a cleaner before and to be honest I think people underestimate those who work as cleaners, and if the management sucks the people who are staying in a given location start arguing with the cleaners whereas they are just cleaners.

If you ever worked somewhere as a cleaner you might know what I’m talking about, because if the management sucks then the quality of the work is shit. Period.

There’s was one place where the management was a disaster… We were understaffed and one of the two managers almost never showed up…Meanwhile the cleaners, at least most of them, were trying to be the head of house keeping… And having an argument about which “team” cleans which room. Sometimes it was so unfair because the clique of cleaners who befriended each other did the easiest rooms together where single people cleaned whole rooms and did everything else in them, such as the beds, the bath, and the vacuuming… It was a standard procedure but you weren’t meant to do it alone, unless the room was a stay over… Which can be messy but much easier.

I don’t wanna bash the managers for the chaos because I know it is hard however cutting down the time to clean the rooms leaves us also in a bad position, especially if someone is doing it alone. – The owner might have been the one cutting down the time.

Carrying on…

None of the staff members had radios on them so everyone had to go on a wild goose chase while customers took a turd and didn’t even flush the goddamn toilet in number 10 then requested a quick clean… Then new customers tried to have a go at me about their room… Saying it wasn’t cleaned. I was newbie. Thank god I had enough patience to sort it out for them with the reception… Hope they actually did it…

Things need to be maculate but they had (the owners of the hotel and other holiday homes) cut down the amount of time we had in the rooms and it didn’t matter how dirty it was. So sometimes cleaners cut corners too. Nothing major though just using the used towels to clean up the surroundings which got cleaned after we finished.

There were stains on the sink, and the customer thought one of the cleaners left the toothpaste in the sink on purpose, however in reality the surface was just stained by the paste and there was no way of getting rid of it… Unfortunately… This is what happens when the owner of the hotel is a cheap bastard.(He bought used furniture for the hotel…)

The other place, where I used to clean, had lodges. Really nice place but the customers weren’t well behaved. My team and I had to walk into broken furniture and rotting food, sometimes we found drinks too.

Few of my former colleagues had it worse because the walked into a lodge where turd was smeared on the walls, in the showers, and the beds. By the way it was a family with a child in the lodge, I don’t think an elderly person would smear shit everywhere. If it was an accident then it would have been reported to the staff but unfortunately it wasn’t.

In this particular holiday park, few people of the maintenance had a beef with each other so it always ended badly for the cleaners. Always a bloody competition which ruins the workplace for everyone.

Sometimes even the customers are idiots too, period because I met really nice ones while working at the holiday park.

I remember putting the cleaning stuff in the parking space in front of the lodge because it was heavy as hell. Each section of lodges were spaciously “fenced” by a couple of large trees and the person behind this lodge only saw me entering the lodge. She was shouting at me thinking I was breaking in and entering.. To be honest I didn’t see any reason to argue back at her so I just held up my keys and a cloth. She ran back in without a word and I never saw her again.

Thank god I didn’t have any heated argument with any of the guests.. Yet..

Everything is easy to be said than done but if you think about it, cleaners rely on management and the manager and there should be more than one, in my opinion.

Disclaimer: I’m coming from what I experienced as a cleaner. If you have a different opinion, please share it with me!